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To the life of the silver harbor : Edmund Wilson and Mary McCarthy on Cape Cod.

Wilson, Reuel K
University Press of New England, 2008. xiii, 200 p.
  1. TICHÝ

    Poloplátěná pevná vazba, 178 stran. Výborný stav. Překrásně připravená a vázaná retrospektivní publikace fotografa Miroslava Tichého, vydaná u příležitosti jeho výstavy v galerii Centres George Pompidou v Paříži. Text v angličtině a japonštině. Photography is something concrete, a perception, what you see with your eyes. And it happens so fast that you may not see anything at all! To photograph is to paint with light! The flaws are part of it. That\'s what makes the poetry. And for that you need a bad camera. If you want to be famous, you have to be worse at something than everyone else in the world! -Miroslav Tichy After studying at the Academy of Arts in Prague, Miroslav Tichy, born in 1926 in the former Czechoslovakia, withdrew to a life of isolation in his hometown of Kyjov. In the late 1950s, he stopped painting and, during his daily walks, began to take photographs of women with cameras he made by hand. He mounted his prints on handmade frames and added finishing touches in pencil, shifting from photography to drawing. Disregarding the rules of photography, for four decades Tichy created a large oeuvre of poetic, dreamlike views of female beauty. A former neighbor, Roman Buxbaum, discovered Tichy\'s hidden work in the 1980s and has been documenting and collecting it ever since. In 2004, the esteemed international curator Harald Szeemann mounted the first solo exhibition of the nearly 80-year-old artist. That same year, Tichy was given the Rencontres d\'Arles Photographie Discovery Award and the Kunsthaus Zurich organized a large retrospective. Solo exhibitions at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Museum of Modern Art (MMK) Frankfurt followed in 2008. Tichy does not see his exhibitions, for he no longer leaves his house. This beautifully produced, thorough volume collects the work-perfectly.
    Antikvariát Na Rynku (Hradec Králové) - 600 Kč
  2. European Paintings in the Metropolitan Museum...
    Baetjer, Katharine - 2008
    ...of Art by Artists Born Before 1865: A Summary Catalogue. ISBN: 0810964317. Nakladatelská papírová vazba. Metropolitan Museum of Art/Abrams, [1995], 527 S., 2° s četnou přílohou textových fotografií. Text anglicky. Pěkný stav. This is a new edition of a reference book about the European paintings collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. This new edition of the summary catalogue is in one volume and each picture is reproduced, with its description, on a two-page spread. Artists are listed by school, and the paintings are arranged chronologically within that designation. Two indexes enable readers to find individual artists by page number, and the works of art by accession numbers. Many revisions have been made, including new acquisitions, reattributions, and deaccessions. Included are collections of Robert Lehman and Linsky. A reference book on the European paintings collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Each picture is reproduced on the same two-page spread as its description. Artists are listed by school, and two indexes enable readers to find individual artists and works of art. * V roce 2008 jsme zakoupili veškerou produkci společnosti Fraktály Publishers,s. r. o. V naší nabídce jsou tedy knihy z oborů: Architektura, design (Ladislav Sutnar atd.) a jejich produkce. V případě zájmu o tyto knihy, nás prosím kontaktujte na info@valentinska.cz *
    Antikvariát Valentinská (Praha 1) - 1560 Kč
  3. Otto Rahn and the Quest for the Grail Nigel Graddon
    - April 15, 2008) - 369 pages str.
    Subtitul: The Amazing Life of the Real “Indiana Jones Who was the amazing Otto Rahn? How come if Rahn was such an amazing man has hardly anyone outside specialist pre-WW2 history circles ever heard of him? But is he really such an unknown? The story lines of Raiders of the Lost Ark to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade mirror Rahn’s incredible adventures in the South of France in the early 1930s
    Antikvariát Novem Portis (Havlíčkův Brod) - 460 Kč
  4. Středočeský kraj/ The region of Central Bohemia/ Mittelböhmischer Bezirk
    - 2008
    jako nová, like new, 511 s./pp. A4, il. (převážně barev.), mapy, portréty, erby
    Antikvariát Nika (Praha 5) - 345 Kč