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The New Role of the State in the Development of Agriculture in Central and East European Countries : Report on the results of a conf.

ed. Rychlík, Jan
Foundation Agricultural Forum for Central and Eastern Europe, 1995. 4, 147 s.
  1. Franz West
    Fleck, Robert, Curiger, Bice, and Benezra, Neal - 1999
    OBrož. Phaidon Press, New York, 1999, 160 S., Fol. Rozsáhlá obrazová příloha. "In 1995 the Austrian Franz West transformed the terraces of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles into a glorious salon, with ranks of metal sofas draped with bright African fabrics: a new kind of public art for weary museum visitors. Drawing inspiration from the history of art (reclining icons such as Manet’s Olympia), psychoanalysis (Freud’s sofa in West’s native Vienna) and a socially interactive type of art, his work is at once both personal and public. As one of Europe’s best-known sculptors, West is regularly invited to such major surveys as Skulptur Projekte in Münster and Documenta. He has gained particular recognition for incorporating the bodies of his spectators into his sculpture, producing oddly-hued forms called Passstücke (‘adaptives’) – plaster sculptures designed to be worn, and which contort the wearer into bizarre positions. Packed with wondeful photographs, this book is an indispensable guide to the diverse, allusive and witty structures, collages and installations of this important and prolific artist." * V roce 2008 jsme zakoupili veškerou produkci společnosti Fraktály Publishers,s. r. o. V naší nabídce jsou tedy knihy z oborů: Architektura, design (Ladislav Sutnar atd.) a jejich produkce. V případě zájmu o tyto knihy, nás prosím kontaktujte na info@valentinska.cz
    Antikvariát Valentinská (Praha 1) - 900 Kč
  2. The Garden of Kama. And other Love Lyrics from India.
    Hope, Laurence - 1925
    William Heinemann ltd 1925
    Antikvariát Brno (Brno, Praha, Zlín) - 250 Kč