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The End of the World? : Kinský Palác, 26.5.-19.11.2000.

ed. Knížák, Milan; ed. Demčáková, Tatiana
National Gallery, 2000. 194 s.
  1. Turtledove, Harry: INTO THE DARKNESS

    The death of a duke leads to bloody war, as the King of Algarve moves swiftly to reclaim the duchy which was lost during a previous conflict. But country after country is pulled into the war as alliances reassert themselves and a hatred of difference escalates into rabid nationalism. From pompous kings to sly diplomats, from peasants to dragonfliers, Harry Turtledove has created a tapestry of colour, honour and the realities of blood death. AUTHOR: Harry Turtledove COVER: paperback PAGES: 607 LANGUAGE: english
    Scifík.cz (Praha 5) - 130 Kč
  2. All That You Can't Leave Behind (CD)
    U2 - 2000
    Rok: 2000; Vydavatel: Island Records - CIDXU212/524653-2; Poznámka: pěkný stav; Tracklist: 01. Beautiful Day /4:06/ 02. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of /4:32/ 03. Elevation /3:46/ 04. Walk On /4:55/ 05. Kite /4:23/ 06. In A Little While /3:37/ 07. Wild Honey /3:45/ 08. Peace On Earth /4:46/ 09. When I Look At The World /4:15/ 10. New York /5:28/ 11. Grace /5:31/ 
    Antikvariát Bastion (Tábor) - 160 Kč
  3. The Art and Architecture of London
    Saunders, Ann
    The Art and Architecture of London: An Illustrated Guide. ISBN: 0-7148-2523-9, Phaidon Inc Ltd., Boston, [2000], Paperback. Book Condition: Very Good. 480 pages, 8°, illustrated.
    Antikvariát Valentinská (Praha 1) - 520 Kč
  4. The Golden Age of Dutch Art
    Tissink Fieke - 2000 - 365 str.
    Thames and Hudson, 2000, A3, 365 stran, anglicky, bohatá obrazová příloha, velmi dobrý stav
    Antikva U Vinohradské vodárny (Praha 3) - 590 Kč