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In and out of anorexia : the story, the client, the therapist, and recovery.

Ronen, Tammie; Ayelet
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2001. 285 p.
  1. Sci-fi Chronicles
    Haley Guy - 2014 - 576 str.
    Firefly Books 2014
    576 stran, brož
    From Barbarella to Blade Runner, from Solaris to Star Wars, and from 1984 to 2001, Sci-Fi Chronicles seeks out 200 of the greatest galactic creations. Presented in an arresting blend of incisive text, infographic timelines, and stunning photographs, each chronologically arranged entry features an entertaining overview written by a science fiction expert, plus:

    The lifespan of sci-fi creations, for example, from book to movie to television series
    Other key media, such as comics, graphic novels, video games, manga etc
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