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For the love of Prague : How it really was during the communist times, through the eyes of the only American who lived in Prague during 30 years of the communist regime, and yet was free of its control! Love and cartoon films were the secret!.

Deitch, Gene
[s.n.], 1998. xiii, 309 s., [8] s. obr. příl
  1. Bigbít: 1968 - 1969 (MC)
    Various Artists - 1998
    Rok: 1998; Vydavatel: Bonton Music - 71 0606-4; Poznámka: dobrý stav; Tracklist: A: 01. Matadors - Get Down From The Tree /3:27/ 02. Matadors - Zlatý důl /3:28/ 03. Matadors - Láhev kalorií /3:27/ 04. Flamengo - No Reply /2:42/ 05. Flamengo - The Way For Horses /3:29/ 06. Flamengo - Get Off Of My Life Woman* /5:50/ 07. Flamengo - Say It Loud – I'm Black And I'm Proud /3:22/ 08. Framus Five - Respect /2:20/ 09. Framus Five - Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out /3:49/ 10. Peter Lipa a amp; Blues Five - I Don't Need No Doctor* /2:35/ B: 11. Peter Lipa a amp; Blues Five - The House Of The Rising Sun* /4:33/ 12. Peter Lipa a amp; Blues Five - A Day In The Life /4:15/ 13. Pavol Hammel a amp; Prúdy - Tam v Massachusetts /2:27/ 14. Pavol Hammel a amp; Prúdy - Spievam si pieseň /2:22/ 15. Pavol Hammel a amp; Prúdy - Čierna ruža /3:16/ 16. Atlantis - Seď a tiše poslouchej /2:04/ 17. Atlantis - Jen o to mi nejde /2:26/ 18. Atlantis - Wine Or Love (Víno nebo láska. /3:10/ 19. Atlantis - Pig Heatet Mona /2:42/ 18. Mickey a amp; The Samuels - Caldonia* /2:36/ 19. Mickey a amp; The Samuels - She's Lookin' Good* /2:52/ 20. Mickey a amp; The Samuels - Roll Over Beethoven* /2:08/ 21. Viktor Sodoma a amp; Apollobeat - Hush* /2:17/  * Live nahrávky z 2. čs. beatového festivalu Celkový čas: 72:28
    Antikvariát Bastion (Tábor) - 290 Kč
  2. Collection (2CD)
    Kim Wilde - 1998
    Rok: 1998; Vydavatel: Disky - DO 853252; Poznámka: pěkný stav; Tracklist: CD1-01. Kids In America /3:27/ CD1-02. Chequered Love /3:21/ CD1-03. Water On Glass /3:35/ CD1-04. Everything We Know /3:43/ CD1-05. Young Heroes /3:16/ CD1-06. CD2-6-5-8-0 /3:10/ CD1-07. You'll Never Be So Wrong /4:11/ CD1-08. Falling Out /4:03/ CD1-09. Tuning In Tuning On /4:24/ CD1-10. Ego /4:11/ CD1-11. View From A Bridge /3:28/ CD1-12. Words Fell Down /3:31/ CD1-13. Action City /3:23/ CD1-14. Just A Feeling /4:10/ CD1-15. Chaos At The Airport /3:19/ CD1-16. Take Me Tonight /3:51/ CD1-17. Can You Come Over /3:35/ CD1-18. Wendy Said /3:49/ CD1-19. Our Town /3:47/ CD1-20. Cambodia (Reprise) /3:20/ CD2-01. Love Blonde /3:34/ CD2-02. Dancing In The Dark /3:44/ CD2-03. Sing It Out For Love /3:31/ CD2-04. Child Come Away /4:06/ CD2-05. Sparks /4:04/ CD2-06. House Of Salome /3:35/ CD2-07. Stay Awhile /3:38/ CD2-08. Shane /3:41/ CD2-09. Boys /3:15/ CD2-10. Watching For Shapes /3:42/ CD2-11. Can You Hear It /4:28/ CD2-12. Backstreet Joe /4:31/ CD2-13. Love Blonde (12 a quot; Version) /5:00/ CD2-14. Dancing In The Dark (Remix) /5:25/ 
    Antikvariát Bastion (Tábor) - 210 Kč

    Paperback, 373 stran. She turned his life into chaos even as she melted his heart… The injured “boy” Sir Daniel Drummondrescues from a British battlefield is no boy at all,but a vivacious young enchantress fleeing hertyrannical father. Moved by her plight, herspirit, and her mesmerizing beauty—and his own young daughters’ need for a mother—the dashing nobleman impulsively offers towed Henrietta “Harry” Ashby, who promptlythrows his life and household into disarray. Headstrong, impetuous, wildly unconventional, “Harry” knows precious little about wifelyduties. But the irrepressible miss understandsthe importance of unwavering loyaltywhen danger threatens. And she knows daringways to set a man’s passions aflame—and the sensuous secret to transforming amarriage of convenience into a union ofeverlasting ecstasy and love.
    Antikvariát Na Rynku (Hradec Králové) - 50 Kč

    2 LP. Vinyl je barevný, nový, zatavený. Studio A1 My Baby Just Cares For Me A2 Don\'t Smoke In Bed A3 Mood Indigo A4 Nobody Knows You When You\'re Down And Out A5 Little Girl Blue A6 Chilly Winds Don\'t Blow A7 I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl B1 I Loves You, Porgy B2 Gin House Blues B3 For All We Know B4 Forbidden Fruit B5 Plain Gold Ring B6 Love Me Or Leave Me Alone B7 Children Go Where I Send You LIVE C1 Black Is The Color Of My True Love\'s Hair C2 The Other Woman C3 Summertime C4 Cotton Eyed Joe C5 Wild Is The Wind C6 Trouble In Mind C7 Just In Time D1 Ain\'t Got No / I Got Life D2 Backlash Blues D3 Mississippi Goddam D4 Four Women D5 Do What You Gotta Do D6 My Baby Just Cares For Me Notes Limited edition, coloured, 180 gram Audiophile Vinyl
    Antikvariát Na Rynku (Hradec Králové) - 570 Kč

    3 LP. A1 The Way We Were A2 The Morning After A3 Theme From \"Shaft\" A4 For All We Know A5 Raindrops Keep Fallin\' On My Head B1 The Windmills Of Your Mind B2 Talk To The Animals B3 Born Free B4 The Shadow Of Your Smile B5 Chim Chim Cheree C1 Call Me Irresponsible C2 Days Of Wine And Roses C3 Moon River C4 Never On Sunday C5 High Hopes D1 Gigi D2 All The Way D3 Que Sera Sera D4 Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing D5 Three Coins In The Founrain E1 Secret Love E2 High Noon E3 In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening E4 Mona Lisa E5 Baby, It\'s Cold Outsise F1 Buttons And Bows F2 Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah F3 On The Atchison, Topeka, And The Santa Fe F4 It Might As Well Be Spring F5 Swingin\' On A Star
    Antikvariát Na Rynku (Hradec Králové) - 150 Kč
  6. Ray Of Light (CD)
    Madonna - 1998
    Rok: 1998; Vydavatel: Maverick / Warner Bros. Records - 9362-46847-2; Poznámka: pěkný stav; Tracklist: 01. Drowned World/Substitute For Love /5:09/ 02. Swim /5:00/ 03. Ray Of Light /5:21/ 04. Candy Perfume Girl /4:34/ 05. Skin /6:22/ 06. Nothing Really Matters /4:27/ 07. Sky Fits Heaven /4:48/ 08. Shanti/Ashtangi /4:29/ 09. Frozen /6:12/ 10. The Power Of Good-Bye /4:10/ 11. To Have And Not To Hold /5:23/ 12. Little Star /5:18/ 13. Mer Girl /5:32/
    Antikvariát Bastion (Tábor) - 160 Kč
  7. Sultans Of Swing (The Very Best Of Dire Straits) (MC)
    Dire Straits - 1998
    Rok: 1998; Vydavatel: Vertigo - 558 658-4; Poznámka: dobrý stav; Tracklist: A1. Sultans Of Swing, A2. Lady Writer, A3. Romeo And Juliet, A4. Tunnel Of Love, A5. Private Investigations, A6. Twisting By The Pool, A7. Love Over Gold (Live), A8. So Far Away, B1. Money For Nothing, B2. Brothers In Arms, B3. Walk Of Life, B4. Calling Elvis, B5. Heavy Fuel, B6. On Every Street, B7. Your Latest Trick (Live), B8. Local Hero / Wild Theme (Live), 
    Antikvariát Bastion (Tábor) - 130 Kč